Spring Hair Trends for Moms

When it comes to mom hair, we need simplicity and style. Just because we are moms does not mean we should ever sacrifice how we look.  Taking pride in our appearance makes us feel good and it is always important to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of other people. Below are some tips and trends that will help you get through the spring season. 

Bronde/spring highlights

  www.cleverstyling.com  http://www.cleverstyling.com

This is my favorite trend of the season.  When incorporating this beautiful ombre color into your hair, you not only brighten up your look, but look effortlessly stylish. Ask your hair colorist to use the balage technique to create more of a nature look without the harsh color variation.  Great thing about this look is it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and you won’t see your roots right away.  Win win!

Long fringe or “curtain bangs”

  www.refinery29.com  http://www.refinery29.com

I am loving the effortless style of this look.  Normal fringe is incredibly difficult to keep up with.  This look gives you that great look without the hassle.  It kind of has a 70s vintage vibe look to it that I am in love with.  Pair with an oversized round hat to complete your boho chic look. 

Long Mermaid Hair

  www.koees.com  http://www.koees.com

What is more spring than long bouncy hair? This look is effortlessly beautiful.  Think it is too much upkeep? Invest in a good deep conditioner and use once  week to keep your ends nice and moisturized.  Do not have time to give yourself that salon quality blowout? The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, cuts your styling time in half and is perfect for smoothing curly thicker hair.  It goes on sale all the time on amazon! Check my link to see what the price is!


  www.glaminati.com  http://www.glaminati.com

Braids are a perfect way to add a little flare to your hairstyle and is also very functional.  Great for getting the hair out of your face for those diaper changes and running around.  There are a bunch of great tutorials out there.  I love this easy Boho Braid tutorial by Lauren McBride

Rose Gold Color

  www.popugar.com  http://www.popugar.com

Grey/silver is out, this beautiful rose gold color is in! If you are wanting to do something different, but not super extreme, I love this idea! Everyone knows I love anything rose gold.  I do not think I am quite ready to take this plunge until after baby number 2 comes, but I definitely want to give this hair trend a go!

Lob Haircut

  www.montenr.com  http://www.montenr.com

I am so in love with this haircut! Looks great with bouncy curls, or sleek and straight.  The lob comes from it being a little shorter in the back, as opposed to the regular bob which is an even length all the way around. Looks great with the spring color trends I have mentioned as well!

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